A Cut Above

At The Pet Barber we specialize in the art of fine grooming. Whether it be a show quality breed standard cut or a hand scissored teddy bear cut. We will always make your pet look great.

The prices below are base prices. Exact quotes will be given when we see your dog.



Our baths include shaving of the pads, nail trim, ear flush and clean, salon grade shampoo, and full dry and brush out.

Call for pricing.


Includes full bath service plus an extra brush and blow out. We take additional time to remove the shedding undercoat.



This is the works! We meet with you to go over what you want. This can range from what works for your lifestyle to making your dog look like he's ready for the show rings.

Call for pricing.

Hand Stripping

Includes bath and groom. Hand stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, by using a stripping knife.

$70+ per hour

Nail Trim

All nail trims are included in the price of your groom. However, if you just need your animal’s nails trimmed we can give them a smooth look. No appointment necessary and we will trim all animals, not just dogs.


Teeth Brushing


Premium Shampoos & Conditioners​

Whitener Brightener Color-Enhancer Conditioning Protein Shampoo

This premium protein shampoo helps in the elimination of oxidation caused by air-borne pollutants, sun and other environmental sources. Adds new life and luster to all color coats. This rich lathering shampoo is made with hydrolyzed collagens, milk protein, optical brighteners and our special blend of botanicals help eliminate discoloration, revitalize thin, limp or damaged hair, adding body, strength and sheen to coats.


All in One Leave-In Conditioner

Deep penetrating formula expediting the brushing out of undercoat, dead hair and mats. Adds luster, body, resilience and vitality to coats while slowing the formation of tangles with a long lasting pleasant scent reactivates when the pet gets wet.


Soothe Shampoo

3% Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic disinfectant with a wide range of antimicrobial activity against fungi & most bacteria. Formulated with aloe, sunflower oils and gentle conditioners.


Puppy Bath

Madra Mor Spa Mud Treatments​


Detox and strengthen, natural parasite and yeast relief healthy skin blend.

Shed Safely

A deep cleaning hydrating mud with omega oils and B vitamins to unclog hair follicles, releases undercoat, and removes loose shedding hair.


High in antioxidants and astringent properties to calm, soothe and promote healing.


Invigorating, cool, refreshing blend to help energize and stimulate circulation to ease arthritic pain in pets and itchy skin.

Cage Free Environments

Cage Free

Sitting around in a kennel isn't the best way to spend your day. That's why we have a 500 sq. ft. playroom with rubber flooring that leads to a covered outside area. Your dog can play with other dogs while waiting for their turn to be groomed. They have to be dog social for this service.


Pick-up & Delivery

We offer pick-up and delivery for your grooming appointment.

Please make sure you mention this when you book your appointment.



Day Care Services

1/2 Day Pass

  • Great for when you need a quick break

1 Day Pass

  • We will take care of your pet for a whole day

5 Day Pass

  • Great for busy weeks with family

10 Day Pass

  • Great for new daycare mates

Monthly Pass

  • Unlimited monthly pass*

*Monthly pass includes a $35 credit for a bath any time that month and a 5% discount on any 25 lb bag of food purchase.


Because Animals Superfood Supplement

This super food supplement is formulated to include vitamins that are missing from a dog’s diet. This supplement contains trace minerals from the sea, antioxidants from organic fruits and vegetables and more than 500,000 healthy probiotics. Only human grade, high quality, responsibly sourced animal free ingredients.

Dogs that take this supplement can expect:

  • Shinier coat and softer skin
  • Healthy digestion and urinary tract support
  • Robust immunity
  • Thyroid and metabolic health


Orijen one of the most premier lines of dog food you can buy. Two-thirds of the meat in Orijen are fresh or raw and are in the top 10 ingredients. The additional meat included meats are dried at 90 Celsius to create and ensure a concentrated rich nourishing protein.

Nutrient dense whole prey ratios of fresh meats, organs, and bones provide every nutrient your dog needs. All of the meat and fish in Orijen are regionally sourced in Canada, which has some of the highest food standards in the world.

The Pet Barber carries the following foods:

  • Original
  • Regional Red
  • Six Fish
  • Tundra
  • Puppy
  • Senior

Acana Heritage

Form the makers of Orijen, Acana is a single sourced diet that are better fitted for dogs with allergies. These foods offer single sourced proteins and fruits that allow you to feed your dog a healthy diet without having to feed foods that lack dense nutrient proteins that are essential for your dogs health.

At The Pet Barber we offer:

  • Lamb & Apple
  • Pork & Squash
  • Duck & Pear
  • Wild Atlantic Fish & Greens


Tucker's Raw

Tucker’s has made serving raw easy. Tucker’s vacuum seals the food so you just have to thaw, peel and serve.

The Tucker’s raw carnivore diet provides maximum absorption. Their formulas are 95% meat, bone and organ with 5% pumpkin for easy digestion.

Strictly sourced, all of their proteins follow the federal animal wellness act. This ensures the humane treatment of animals used for their meats. In addition, Tucker’s is made in Wisconsin. At The Pet Barber we offer:

  • Chicken & Pumpkin
  • Pork Bison & Pumpkin
  • Pork Duck & Pumpkin
  • Beef & Pumpkin
  • Turkey & Pumpkin
  • Surf and Turf & Pumpkin
  • Salmon & Pumpkin
  • Pork Lamb & Pumpkin
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